To make certain sheer legwear, it is necessary to specify the most important characteristics such as elasticity and fit as an essential first step. We use different types of yarn and elastane, it depends on the quality of the product which we compare against the planned results. It means that the final result of the product made should be exactly like customers desire to have.

Quality and design are not a lost sight at our knitting section; they own a very high degree in knitted products using modern machines that have a variety of designs with absolutely no limit on the colours and kinds of yarn.

Capacity :

  • Tights: 26000 pairs per day
  • Socks: 17000 pairs per day

Machine type :

  • Lonati knitting machines with different count of needles:  96, 120,144, 156, 168, 200, 220, 336, 360 and 402.