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Temasa is a subsidiary and exclusive supplier of the KUNERT Group Gmbh with its two well-known brands KUNERT and HUDSON, Kunert Gmbh is among the most established companies in the market of socks and tights. especially in the German-speaking countries namely, Germany , Austria and Switzerland (DACH).

” Our production varies between 14 and 16 million pairs a year “

We produce quantities on 3/4 teams, 6/7 days a week.
We keep a certain flexibility for the variation of delivery schedule of our customers.

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Our Capabilities


What our clients provide us are the sock designs. A professional coding team who are familiar with product pattern and machine mechanism will transfer your vector designs into bitmap designs and then codes that the knitting machines can read. Every pixel of the bitmap design means a thread with the specific color will be knitted through.

We use premium quality yarn to produce our socks.

  • For normal and combed cotton, we have a collection of colors in stock that are able to match your pantone colors.
  • For other yarn like mercerized cotton, wool, etc., we will make custom dyed yarn according to your specified pantone tcx colors.


Sampling requests are given maximum priority and sent to the customer within a short time. The requests are received from the customer, in one of the following formats:

  • Sample socks with exact colors;
  • Printed Graph in pixel format;
  • Printed design without graphic format;
  • By e mail, in .bmp format in 256 colors;
  • Rough Sketch.

For each sample prepared, production documents are maintained, clearly showing the machine settings, yarn used courses to achieve for a given size, flat and stretch measurements are recorded along with the weight and time taken per sock.


We have the ability to satisfy different types of demand: limited series, small and large series and mass production. The minimum order quantity is determined following a negotiation with the customers and based on several criteria: capacity, availability of yarn, the nature of the possible collaboration with the customer.